Browncoats Unite! Again.

Captain Mal for President 2016.  Captain Mal for President 2016.

In 2013 fanatics of the beloved show Firefly were elated by the news of an online game resurrecting the ‘verse they knew and loved. Those same fans were subsequently let down by missed release dates and countless delays.

But all may once again be right with the world as the chance to be a swashbuckling space pirate cruising the ‘verse, like the infamous Captain Mal, is once again on the horizon.

Together again in 2012 @ SDCC. I do miss this crew! Together again in 2012 @ SDCC. I do miss this crew!

Described as “a strategic online role playing game” by its official site, Keepflying, the much-anticipated MMO is not only moving forward in the production process, but they’ve brought on a solid group to cover the voice-over work. Namely, the original cast of the show!

No release date has been announced, but there’s a new trailer asking the question, “What if you were the captain?” The minute long teaser delivers a quick peek at gameplay and ends with a very familiar face.

If you’re a fan – and of course I am – of that particular flying tin can, then it’s a minute well spent!

And now that you’ve seen it, will you play the game?

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