Microsoft’s Edge in the Console Wars

Round 3 clearly went to Microsoft as the 360 outran the PS3 in every category that mattered on Wall Street. And even though Round 4 it tilting in Sony’s favor – though both consoles are seeing unbelievable numbers – the Xbox platforms offer one clear-cut advantage: Games with Gold.

Wait, I get to beat people with a giant dildo bat? I'm in.  Wait, I get to beat people with a giant dildo bat? I’m in.

Both companies – Sony and Microsoft – require a paid membership to access their premium content and online multiplayer game features. But Microsoft has an edge with their membership that’s hard to top. If you subscribe to Xbox Gold, then you already know about the free games.

As part of their Games with Gold program, the software giant gives members two free games per month on either the 360 or the Xbox One. Or both if you’re a spoiled brat. And these aren’t throwaway games. Triple A titles like Sleeping Dogs, Saints Row the Third, and next up, Dishonored are among the mix of primetime and independent options that have been offered.

This game was worth the launch-day price of $60. Tomorrow it's free!!  This game was worth the launch-day price of $60. Tomorrow it’s free!!

If you’re playing on the One, you get two you can grab during each month, and if you still enjoy a little 360 action the 1st – 15th and the 16th – 30th (or 31st) are your windows of opportunity for the free pick-up.





What GwG title has been your favorite? I’m voting for Saints Row now, but Dishonored may change that.

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