Marvel’s Diminutive Tease for 2015’s Ant-Man

Marvel Studios’ second 2015 offering – the one following Avengers 2: Age of Ultron – has started its principle photography in San Francisco, with the location evident in our first Ant-Man production still.

Hoodie-Man to the rescue!!!!!! Hoodie-Man to the rescue!!!!!!

Featuring the film’s star, Paul Rudd, this first tease gives a look at where a portion of the story takes place as well as our initial look at Rudd’s portrayal of down-on-his-luck career thief Scott Lang, the Ant-Man (minus any actual Ant-Man apparel of course).

Paul told USA Today, “The way technology has advanced just in the last few years, picturing this world, what they can do with this kind of story line and character, I thought this could be something that could be very strange and hasn’t been seen before.” Rudd added, “I was really excited about being a part of something like that.”

An early look at our hero's new threads.  An early look at our hero’s new threads.

While Scott Lang is not the Ant-Man most know from the picture books, Dr. Hank Pym – played by Michael Douglas – is still the originator and inventor of the technology. Iron Man 2’s iteration of Howard Stark also makes an appearance strengthening the film’s ties to the broader cinematic scope Marvel has in store.

I have to admit, this title wasn’t top of my list. But what Guardians of the Galaxy did for B-list heroes I’m hoping Ant-Man can do for the more obscure A-listers, especially when it’s not the original Ant-Man leading off the franchise. 

A glimpse of things to come? Maybe a look at Ultron in Avengers 3? A glimpse of things to come? Maybe a look at Ultron in Avengers 3?

Interested in the miniature marvel? Or is there another untapped hero on your list?

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