The Precious…Living Proof that Geek Can Be Chic

If you’ve been to a Comic-Con, you have undoubtedly noticed that “fashion” comes in all shapes and sizes when fans congregate to revel in all things geek.  Even if you aren’t a fan boy or girl, you have to admit that the people-watching (and costume-gazing) at a Comic-Con is a source of endless entertainment.  Before I developed a greater appreciation for the geekier things in life, and all of the treasures to be found at Comic-Con, I was most intrigued by the getups strutting past me in the crowd (shuffling is actually more appropriate on weekend Con days). 

Over time, I have come to classify the various “looks” that can be found at Comic-Con into a three-tier system.  The two categories at either end of the spectrum that do not need a detailed explanation at this time are: (1) the Con’s version of the Average Joes, rocking, at most, a comic book t-shirt and a pair of Converse; and (2) those Con-goers that live and breathe Cosplay and amaze us all with their elaborate costuming.

It’s that middle category, the one I lovingly refer to as “Geek is Chic,” that is very near and dear to my heart.  I’d like to bring recognition to those fashionable Con-goddesses (and gods) that are proudly adorned in bright, puffy tutus, precious comic-themed dresses and unique accessories.  These fearless trendsetters may not be as awe-inspiring as our Cosplay heroes, but nonetheless serve as an important reminder that you can be chic in a crazy Comic-Con world.

Through this line of “The Precious…” articles, I will share photos, shopping/vendor resources, and pointers for those aspiring to take their Con fashion to the next level.  Most importantly, I hope you will share your ideas and photos to inspire us all.  One thing I won’t be doing is giving a list of “don’ts” because, let’s face it, if you’re having fun, there aren’t any!

For your first glimpse into my world, I’d like to share a few of my personal favorites that have pushed me (albeit kicking and screaming at first) from an Average Joe to Geek is Chic:

(1)   Adorable cotton skirt with lace trim-can be found in tons of different patterns and colors at this Etsy Store.

(2)  Superman leggings…bargain find on Clearance section (Great Dane sold separately)!

(3)  My beloved ThunderCats Converse, along with a ton of other geek designs, can be purchased at a Journeys store near you.

(4)  Adorable hair clips and headbands in tons of sayings and colors, with added “bling”, can be found here.


What are your favorite fabulous pieces?  Don’t forget to share pictures!

About The Author

Tricia Pellegrini

Tricia was not born a geek. Her early years were filled with romantic comedies and Sex in the City. After an extraordinary person came into her life - her eyes opened to the land of the real - she combined her former entertainment interests with her new passion for nerd-couture. Add to that a stunning fashion sense and you get a woman (coveted in the nerd world) who can parlay a BAM! headband, Flash t-shirt and tube-socks into a near cosplay-esque outfit worthy of the most distinguishing geek-fashionista. When not marathoning comic book movies or Battlestar Galactica, Tricia volunteers for organ donation and domestic abuse organizations.

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