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I recently heard some disturbing news–a Full House revival is in the works. Now, I understand nostalgia and that my generation is starting to look back sentimentally at all those TGIF-y shows we all grew up with… but seriously, Full House? Have people with these Jesse Katsopolis Tumblr pages actually watched an episode recently, or are they too busy making Jesse hair flip gifs? Because the sense each episode of Full House makes is none. I loved this show–when I was 10 and barely knew what was going on, and before shows like Breaking Bad and Parks and Rec, Mad Men and Game of Thrones existed. Basically, before I knew better.

Oh the hair!!! And who let Saget stay on TV this long? Oh the hair!!! And who let Saget stay on TV this long?

But what really gets me is there are shows that NEED our attention. Or rather, NEEDED. Today, dear readers, I want to talk to you about Terriers–my favorite short-lived TV show ever, even ranking above Firefly (Editor’s Note: Firefly was better – Captain Mike). Terriers was an FX show that aired in the fall of 2010, and apparently just me and possibly its stars–Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James–were the only ones who watched it.

Logue was scruffy, recovering alcoholic and ex-cop-turned-unlicensed-PI Hank Dolworth, and his “partner” was Raymond-James’ Britt Pollack, a reformed thief who’s trying the straight and narrow for his vet student girlfriend Katie (Laura Allen). Hank and Britt’s partnership and banter played funny and real, like they were actually friends who gave each other shit and not like they were saying the things TV writers always wanted to say in arguments they had in high school. They took uniquely portrayed cases of the week while uncovering the larger plot along the way, wrestling with morality and consequences, relationship maintenance and getting in over their heads considerably most of the time.

Wait, which one's the former criminal? Wait, which one’s the former criminal?

Hank, who really had A LOT of demons, also had an ex-wife he continued to pine for (Kimberly Quinn) and an ex-cop partner (Rockmund Dunbar) who he had more of a love-hate relationship with. Logue–who has been an awesome guest star in shows like Damages, Life and Sons of Anarchy, appeared in great films like *cough* best Fincher film ever *cough* Zodiac, was the lead in ABC Family’s staple comedy rerun Grounded for Life and is co-leading Fox’s great DC hope Gotham–was heartbreakingly amazing here. World-weary and wry without losing his humanity, Hank was smart, resourceful and a complete mess. It was amazing to watch him battle his demons while also letting them out just enough that he wouldn’t be eaten alive from the inside.

Sunglasses or no sunglasses? Sunglasses or no sunglasses?

Britt, the junior partner in this duo, brought great life and joy to early episodes of the series, and Raymond-James–probably best known as a fake-Cajun murderer from the best season of True Blood or that dude from that one episode of The Walking Dead–played his boyish skills to the hilt, making Britt adorable… until he wasn’t, and then is again. It’s a real-life scenario that plays with real-life results and is grounded in such intense emotion that it’s hard to say you wouldn’t have done the same thing.

As the series rolled along, Hank and Britt uncovered a conspiracy in their sunny-with-a-grimy-underside SoCal town Ocean Beach with enough switching sides, allies and enemies, and perfectly played twists that you want SO BADLY to know what happens–only you can’t. The first season ended on a cliffhanger, and it wasn’t renewed. Terriers was a critical darling, but just not soon enough. If it was on now, it would likely be saved for its quality, like Halt and Catch Fire. But by being just slightly ahead of the zeitgeist of the Internet coming to the rescue of beloved-but-little-watched shows, it died an unceremonious death.

Canceled!?!? Don't you know who I am? Canceled!?!? Don’t you know who we, I mean, I am?

However, I refuse to give up hope. The whole series is streaming on Netflix, so just give one episode a watch and see how you feel–unmoved by my Terriers-free life plight, or like you want to join me in petitioning someone in Hollywood to help this beautiful show go the route of Arrested Development and Veronica Mars? I know the stars are busy–Logue in his aforementioned Gotham role and Raymond-James on Once Upon a Time, apparently–but I can be patient as long as I know something is happening. For God’s sake, people, there is going to be an Entourage movie–can’t we balance out the karma in the world by getting just a few more episodes of Terriers too?

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