Bill Murray Wants to Know: Who You Gonna Text? Girl Ghostbusters!

Bill Murray has spoken.

While out promoting his new movie St. Vincent at the Toronto International Film Festival, Murray has dubbed some chosen heirs to the proton packs–Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Linda Cardellini and Emma Stone. Of course, this all-female spirit-fighting foursome will only potentially come to life if rumors about Paul Feig wanting to direct an X chromosome-driven reboot of the beloved 80s movie are true, but let’s follow through on Murray’s whimsy here.

All Murray’s picks do seem like strong contenders if this project goes ahead. First, all four of these actresses are very talented and very funny. And Feig has worked with both McCarthy and Wiig on Bridesmaids and Cardellini on Freaks & Geeks already, and Stone has some proven comedy chops from movies like Easy A and Crazy Stupid Love. Let’s throw in Billy Eichner as the receptionist at Ghostbusters headquarters, and I think we’ve got a movie!

Do I got something on my face?He got some in my mouth.

HHowever, as probably every breathing actress ever would want to throw their hats in the ring for this potential project, it might not hurt for us to speculate on a few other possibilities as well.

Now, I know she’s already in about 12 movie franchises and has some sort of deal with the devil with David O. Russell to be in all his work from now on, but I keep thinking of Jennifer Lawrence as Peter Venkman. Hasn’t the Internet already basically proven that Lawrence is the young female Bill Murray? But if we’ve decided Lawrence already has an embarrassment of riches though (recent scandals notwithstanding, of course), my backup thought for lady Venkman is Chelsea Peretti. She’s sardonic but silly, and on Brooklyn Nine-Nine I’m never quite sure what’s going to come out of her mouth next–which sounds a lot like the Venkman I know.

All aboard the slimer express!!! All aboard the slimer express!!!

For the more stalwart Egon Spengler, I like The Daily Show‘s Jessica Williams. She’s quick and clever and definitely seems like she could take you out at the knees with the extent of her knowledge, but she’s too nice to do that. And she’s tough–Jordan Klepper always looks intimidated by her when they share airtime–so she would keep her cool in the case of a giant dessert nemesis. But if Williams doesn’t work out, how about Aubrey Plaza? She could roll her eyes at any stupid ghostbusting idea better than anyone, except maybe Harold Ramis.

Who you gonna call? Who you gonna call?

For the more giddy, spastic vibe of Ray Stantz, I think Anna Faris (aka, Mrs. Star-Lord) could capably fill those shoes. She’s got a great loose, happy, excitable vibe that definitely reminds me of Dan Aykroyd’s Stantz, and she’s shown she can carry a franchise. Yes, it was the Scary Movie franchise, but don’t let that fool you–Faris is hilarious and is as worthy of your envy as a certain Guardian. My backup female Stantz plan is Mindy Kaling, who also can be excitable, if not quite as goofy.

S'mores B!%$#es! S’mores B!%$#es!

And for newbie Winston Zeddemore, I think Obvious Child proved Jenny Slate can tone down her manic energy enough to give us some wide-eyed astonishment but also gameness at the same time. However, I also feel like Brie Larson, who was serious in Short-Term 12, could give a quality steely feel to this version of Winston too…

Good thing I’m not the one who has to cast this maybe-movie.

Share your thoughts on who should pilot the Ecto-1 in this iteration of Ghostbusters, and be prepared to defend your selections in the comments!

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