Marvel’s Favorite Ms. and Who Could Fill Her Boots: Part 1

Like most fans I’m a speculator. Once news hits that a book, comic or some other storytelling format is being adapted to the big or little screen, I can’t help but wonder who should – or could – fill those roles.

But to speculate, you need to know something about the characters you’re fleshing out and the bodies you are imagining in their shoes. With recently added release dates for upcoming Marvel films, whispers of names like Doctor Strange and Ms. Marvel grow louder with each passing project. Both have rumored cameos in Avengers 2, the latter being the most pronounced since Strange already had his name dropped in Cap’s latest adventure giving traction to his eventual arrival.

So who is Ms. Marvel? Well, her name is Carol Danvers (Click for Wikipedia’s more extensive breakdown). She was an Air Force Major, a pilot and a strong, confident woman succeeding in the deep end of the testosterone swimming pool. After a comic-esque run in with an alien race and their run-amuck technology, she no longer needed a plane to fly. Not to mention she could also project energy blasts, toss a tank across a football field and take a punch from the Hulk.

Now, who could embody a cocky, outspoken woman with cosmic powers and a propensity to leap before she looked? Normally when playing this game I agonize over finding two or three worthy candidates that fit both the physical profile and the character bio. Of course you can change hair color on an actor and send them to the gym to help them look the part. And though said actor may not have performed a comparable role, it doesn’t mean they can’t. Honestly, when the two Chrises – Evens and Hemsworth – were cast, I wasn’t on board. Today, I can’t see anyone else playing Cap or Thor.

The dilemma in front of this faux casting isn’t finding those two or three possibilities, it’s not finding more every time I watch a movie or show. In an age where the leading lady can finally be the headliner too, there are more strong options than ever to front run a high-budget action flick. Scarlett Johansson taught us in Lucy that a sci-fi shoot’m up featuring a woman lead can win big at the box office. setting records for a rated-R action piece with a female frontrunner.

So as my top 5 turned into a top 10 then top 15 and so on, I decided to throw the names out there and hope that the masses could help put things in order. So let’s start with ten and a slew of honorable mentions. Many of which may not be surprises, but that’s your chance to introduce us to someone new or unconsidered.

Ms. Marvels 1 – 5

1. Charlize Theron

This South African born veteran of the silver screen is a proven box office commodity and has the award winning chops to fill out any role. Giving us a taste of her super heroics in Hancock, Charlize also has the attitude to do Carol Danvers justice.

2. Emilie Ullerup

Emilie Ullerup might not be a name or face you’re familiar with, but without spending a second in the make-up trailer she already looks the part. Co-staring in Syfy’s show Sanctuary along with brief stints on Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, Smallville and other action heavy roles, she should be a good fit for the potential physicality, too.

3. Katheryn Winnick

An import from Canada, Katheryn wasn’t on my radar for any roles until I saw Vikings. She’s quietly built a long resume over the years but her forceful and dominant performance as a Norse-woman should be enough to get her talked about when any big action part’s being discussed.

4. Katee Sackhoff

Already atop the leaderboard on most lists and by far the most rumored to get the role, Katee’s run on Battlestar already put her in the boots of a military pilot with authority issues and an abundance of confidence. Add experiences like 24 and Riddick and she might just be perfect, right? She’s even a favorite at Comic-Con. Sold.

5. Yvonne Strahovski

Rounding out the top 5’s world tour with a talented actress from Australia, Yvonne probably spent time in your living room as Sarah Walker in Chuck. She’s also done time on 24 and Dexter that would likely help prep her for costumed shenanigans.  Her attitude and onscreen physicality are what pushed her up to #5 on a very tough list!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. The first five on my ever growing list of potential Ms. Marvels. Later this week you’ll see the second half of my top ten and a long list of honorable mentions that refuses to stop growing! While Carol Danvers is more than just blond, built and badass, those are good places to start on a casting call.

So who would you put in your top five and why? I’m open to adjustments, but I’ll need some convincing. And no picking anyone already active in the Marvel cinematic universe. No Scarlett Johansson. Stop crying, I wanted to pick her too.

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