Archie’s Killing More Than Archie: The Conclusion

As previously noted, Archie killed Archie. More precisely Archie Comics killed alternate universe adult Archie Andrews. News outlets clickbaited with headlines of innocent teenage ideal, Archie Andrews, being murdered in cold blood. Maybe they knew it was an imaginary world within the imaginary world. Maybe they did not even care. Regardless, they missed the bigger picture. Archie has been killing for some time now. Killing it.

Boy that's a lot of heads! Boy that’s a lot of heads!

I have been through some ups and downs with Archie Comics. I am a card carrying member of the Archie Fan Club. I have been there in the down times. I was there in the late Eighties early Nineties when they lost their damn minds. Explorers of the Unkown, R/C Racers, Dilton’s Strange Science, Jughead’s Diner, Riverdale High (My name is in issue #5 if you want proof.) and Jughead’s Time Police are some of the titles from that short window of time. Archie’s Editors must have submitted a game of MadLibs to the writers and no one had the balls to question it. I will say that if Archie Comics brought back Jughead’s Time Police with a darker, complex undertone I would get a tattoo of Jughead’s time traveling beanie to display with pride.

In one case, the ups started in the same early Nineties era. Sonic the Hedgehog. Yes. Sonic. The. Hedgehog. A comic series that earned a Guinness World Record for longevity, six years ago, in 2008. Unfathomable.

Days of Future... Days of Future…

Let’s talk about more recent success. Life with Archie. Afterlife with Archie. Kevin Keller. The rebooting of their Superhero line imprint as Dark Circle Comics coming in 2015. Or how about their continual dominance in digital comics and social media, changing the way comic companies view digital as a viable platform.

I am not going to tell you if Archie Comics material is good or bad. Some people will say that they are no longer considering children. I will tell you that they are not MadLibbing their creative strategy this time. Accepting social change: Kevin Keller. Tapping into current the cultural zeitgeist: Afterlife with Archie. Allowing your characters to grow and reflect growth of long time readers: Life with Archie.

Archie can stay frozen at 17 unchanged forever. Archie Comics cannot.

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