CBS: Can Broadcast Superheroes?

CBS stands alone. Every other network puts their spin on the Cape and Tights crowd. CW with its solid take on Green Arrow doubles down this season with The Scarlet Speeder himself, The Flash. NBC will try to make Constantine viable for network television. Fox must have someone calling them direct from Earth-1 because they are taking us to Batman’s hometown in their upcoming series, Gotham. ABC, of course, gets to tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and its soon to air cousin (Editor’s Note: Not the kissing kind), Agent Carter.

CBS wants in big. CBS wants in SUPER big. CBS ordered a full season of Supergirl. That is super big. Fox only put in a 13 episode order for Gotham, a show that looks phenomenal. While Supergirl will be a show, the show may not be Supergirl. Producers might me thinking about the 1984 theatrical Helen Slater trainwreck, Supergirl, in that decision. However Supergirl does not have a huge commonly known background to pull alternative names from. We get Gotham. We get Arrow. How many average people will get “I Am Sometimes Powergirl, I Am Sometimes Kara Zor-El, I Am Sometimes Linda Lee?” Personally I do think that CBS should find a way to work in Powergirl, however. They would surely get a ratings bump or two.

As long as CBS doesn’t call the show, CSI: Argo City, I think Supergirl may fly. CBS cannot cling to Alphabet: Crime Solvers staring “that guy” forever. Aside from ABC’s upcoming Agent Carter, no other Superhero show is female forward. Hopefully these shows will break that barrier and not just for comic book shows. If this project works, maybe DC could even compete with Marvel for Cinematic/Television crossover power. CBS probably will not get Henry Cavill to stop by, but maybe their lead actress can visit her cousin on the big screen.

Superman, Smallville, Superman: The Animated Series, were all well-loved during their broadcast runs (Editor’s Note Deux: Lois & Clark was even successful by network standards) . Supergirl done correctly should perform just as well. The S-shield she shares with her cousin brings out the imagination in us all. In 1978 that S shaped insignia made the world believe a man could fly. In 2014, that same insignia makes this man believe Supergirl’s series will too.

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