Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Games and Thrones, Oh My!

On more than one occasion you’ve probably looked in the mirror and said to yourself, “I really wished I had more zombie filled British dramas in my life.” And that entirely rational desire may soon be met with some fulfillment.

Despite both being printed then optioned before its sister book, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, author Seth Grahame-Smith’s first apocalyptic period drama finally seems poised for its cinematic development, raiding GoT‘s cupboard in the process.

Charles Dance and Lena Headey will round out the continually revolving cast of the ever delayed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies adaptation. Based on the book – which is based on the book – of the same name, the big screen rendition still looks to explore 19th-century class discrimination and how the power of love can break down social walls. But can it prevent your brains from being eaten by the powdered-wig-wearing undead?

I'm flattered, but I only date siblings. 

 “I’m flattered, but I only date siblings.”

Lily James – who’s no stranger to corsets and period roles – headlines as Elizabeth Bennet. Adding names like Dance and Headey should help solidify an otherwise unstable cast and crew, after all, don’t Lannisters always pay their debts?

Didn't Elvis die on the toilet? Didn’t Elvis die on the toilet?

Another new development is Screen Gems picking up PPZ for U.S. distribution which firms up the projects inevitability. Though no date is set as of now, 2015 is still the target year with principle photography to get under way this month.

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