Cable Network AMC Abandons ‘Reality’ Preferring Meth Dealers and Zombies

After just three short years since entering the unscripted arena, cable network AMC has done what most of its rivals wouldn’t dare – though should at least consider – they’ve packed their bags and gone home.

Home to the types of content that put the fledgling movie channel on the map in the first place; awesome and daring original television series.

“Scripted originals are at the core of the AMC brand,” a network rep told Deadline. “Iconic shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead have driven AMC’s evolution into a must-have television network. We are proud of our efforts in unscripted programming and the unique worlds we have been able to introduce, but in an environment of exploding content options for viewers, we have decided to make scripted programming our priority.”

Not that their serialized programming was ever in danger of being overtaken by titles including words like “Kardashian,” “teen mom,” or “big brother” but the network still felt the need to recommit its efforts – and funding – to work on the more entertaining variety.

Adrian! We did it! Adrian! We did it!

Effective this month all programming falling under the ‘reality’ category will cease production as well as any show in its pre or post phase will similarly pull the plug and seek broadcasting space elsewhere with AMC’s support. Despite the company wide decree, two will avoid the firing squad; the Chris Hardwick hosted Talking Dead and Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men. Hardwick’s show being more in line with the late night talk show crowd as well as its direct tie to AMC’s current cornerstone, The Walking Dead, explains it getting a pass, but without those factors in play Smith’s Men may not be dead yet, just next.

So if Game of Arms was your Mona Lisa and its cancelation has killed your dreams, you can sleep well knowing that another network could be, right this very minute, bidding to be the new home for such Over the Top programming.

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