Neil Gaiman Restores Faith for The Sandman’s Film Aspirations

Last week, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment revealed dates and titles for its cinematic universe through 2020. But for fans of its more adult titles – normally printed under the publisher’s Vertigo banner – dismay and frustration quickly gave rise when only core DC projects were included in the studio’s production slate.

That internet fire has been extinguished by the words of Sandman writer Neil Gaiman via Tumblr. Possessing a wildly passionate cult following, Gaiman’s work and rumors of adaptation go hand-in-hand, his comic run of The Sandman a more recently teased property.

Those rumors looked to be closing in on reality when, last year, plans to put the master of dreams on the silver screen went public. Put Joseph Gordon Levitt in the title role – and quite possibly the director’s chair – and now you’ve got star power pushing things along, too. So why then was this promising title absent from Warner’s plan?

“It’s not a DC Comics film. It’s a Vertigo film,” explained Gaiman. “That’s a different slate of films, and a different announcement.” While his comments suggest a separate Vertigo based filming schedule, it’s doubtful it would mirror the long-term intentions behind the DC based films since Vertigo’s books share little more than a publisher’s banner, each book taking place in its own “universe.”

Despite sister titles like 100 Bullets and Preacher endlessly bouncing between TV or film being its next step, The Sandman looks – at least for the moment – to actually be headed for a theater near you. Maybe. Hopefully. But probably not?

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