Star Wars The Trailer: Episode 2

A moment ago, on a computer screen a few inches away…

Star Wars, The Trailer.

Within 24 hours of its official release it has amassed nearly 25 million views (I know at least half of those are mine). It is good, it is so good. It has everything we wanted to see in the first trailer. The film, helmed by JJ Abrams, with a cast assembled across space and time, will be an event upon its release, just like it was 38 years ago.

I believe Ep. 7 will be so good that I will not be able to adequately describe its magnificence. As a newb to the world of entertainment reviewing, I’ve found I have an extremely hard time critiquing things that I absolutely love. I feel like any measly words I could possibly muster up to reinforce the awesomeness of which I have witnessed would only fall short…So I will refer to another film that I absolutely love, Chris Nolan’s Interstellar. Let us flood the internet with McConaughey’s tears, and let the long wait until Christmas begin…

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