Book Review: Great Zoo of China

Great Zoo of China

by Matthew Reilly


Have you ever read a movie? Not a script or a screenplay, but an honest to God movie in word form. If you recognize the author of the book in question then you probably already have. Australian author Matthew Reilly would be right at home onFiction. From his life size replica of Han frozen in Carbonite to his right side drive Delorean and golden Raiders of the Lost Ark idol, Mr. Reilly knows a thing or two about pop culture.

He also knows a thing or two about writing fast paced action that turns your brain into its very own movie producer. There are no long chapters with grand philosophical challenges. You won’t find stale passages filled with metaphors and symbolism. This is not to say that Reilly does not put realism into his work. All of his books are filled with vivid detail and carefully researched scenarios. His goal is for the reader to blast through his book quickly and without pause.

His latest novel revolves around a massive Chinese zoo that only a country rich in the resource of labor abundance could create. The magnitude of the zoo is somehow unfathomable and sensible at the same time. Clearly heavily influenced by Jurassic Park, Reilly creates a plausible wonderland of mythic creatures that embody both majestic and monstrous wonder.

Prior to the zoo’s official opening members of the American Press are invited so they can spread the word of China’s glorious achievement. China will use the United States’ own media to put the US cultural dominance on notice. Among the journalists is CJ Cameron, a leading expert on reptiles. CJ has seen it all and nothing can surprise her at this point. At least that is what she thought.

Natural miracles. Technological wizardry. Epic battles between man and man and beast. The action sequences start large and build to a gigantic scale. If you have never read a movie I would suggest you start here. Today. Then look up Matthew Reilly’s other books starting with his Scarecrow series. I reread the first book Ice Station at least once a year. Or for fans of Indiana Jones there is the Jack West Jr. series. This was the first book series where I counted down to the release of subsequent installments.

If you want a book that will make you question your choices in life or even why we have life to question in the first place then look somewhere else. If you want a book to punch you in the face and tell you to come with it if you want to live, then strap in and hold on.


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