Photography Con-fessions: C2E2

Photos by Vincent Glielmi

I, like Abby, was a newb at C2E2 2015. This was by no means my first con, but it was my first complete weekend experience, which afforded me many opportunities in the realm of observation. I am foremost a photographer when attending Cons, whose main goal is to document the passion that is literally worn on most attendee’s sleeve. However, I am also a fan who still gets excited when he sees things like replica Game of Thrones gear (The Hound’s Helm!? A full suit of Unsullied Armor!? Longclaw!? Yes please!).

Attending every day of the convention allowed me to balance these two aspects, giving me equal opportunity to photograph and max out my credit card on sweet t-shirts and half priced trades. Needless to say, at least anymore than I already have, I experienced more Con than I ever have at C2E2 2015. So take a minute to look thru my eyes, and then start counting down the days until C2E2 2016… (Editor’s Note: Don’t Forget Wizard World Chicago this August!)

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Vincent Glielmi

Vincent, whose love of geek culture, combined with a skill and passion for photography, has build a resume in the photo-art world with credits ranging from magazine features to gallery showings. Vinny's eye for art and distinguished taste for all things nerd related make him the perfect person to help shape the artistic vision of "on Fiction." On the more personal side, Vincent is a cultivator of mustaches, a lover of all forms of art - comic book, film and cosplay to name a few - as well as a more than capable BMX rider. Did I mention he's dead sexy?

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