Con-versations: Bruce Campbell vs. Ash vs. Evil Dead vs. Wizard World Chicago

At the risk of disappointing seasoned geeks, I’m going to be honest and admit that I have not seen any of the Evil Dead movies…yet.  In my defense, the first Evil Dead graced the movie scene in 1981, when I was merely a twinkle in my parents’ eye (not trying to age any of you, I promise).  Luckily, Bruce Campbell has been a major headliner at the last few Wizard World Comic Cons, and is bringing me closer to horror-flick redemption.  It’s impossible not to be drawn in to Bruce’s personality and sense of humor.  I’m preaching to the choir when I say the man is magnetic and draws geeks and horror fans in like, well, a zombie to fresh brains. ash3

At this year’s Wizard World Chicago, Bruce et al made the announcement that Evil Dead fans have been waiting for: finally, a “real” Evil Dead will be coming to a television screen near you.  Since the 1981 original, the 1987 sequel (Evil Dead II), and the third installment in 1992 (Army of Darkness), fans have been relentless in their demands for more.  The 2013 re-boot (Evil Dead) was an attempt to appease fans, but instead only served to increase their appetite.

This time, instead of attempting to cram all that gory tongue-in-cheek goodness into a 90-minute movie, Evil Dead will be brought to you in the form of a 30-minute serial: Ash vs. Evil Dead is set to air on Starz on October 31 at 9pm Et/Pt.  Directed by Michael Hurst, Rick Jacobson, and Sam Raimi (and, of course, executive produced in part by Bruce Campbell), the series will contain 10 action-packed episodes.

We were lucky enough to view a trailer and behind-the-scenes preview of the show, and suffice it to say that Evil Dead fans will not be disappointed.  The trailer depicts an older (but still dapper) Ash, strapping on the digs you know and love, with the special addition of a man-corset.  Ash’s chainsaw and boom-stick return, and the trailer proves that Ash hasn’t lost his game.  The preview had the onFiction crew laughing, saying “eww” (okay, that was just me), and sitting on the edge of our seats.  It’s clear that Starz is giving the crew the opportunity to present the no-holds-barred Evil Dead that fans have been vocally demanding.  Our DVR is set and we cannot wait for Halloween. 


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