Featured onFiction: Animated Comedy, Lost Hope, Kickstarts Its Galactic Mission

Like so many of you, we at onFiction are always on the lookout for something new. Whether it’s comedy, drama, action or all of them rolled into one, finding the next big thing is often top of the entertainment list.

One of the absolute best places to find such new and awesome goodness is Kickstarter. Though it can be a little tough to wade through so many possibilities to find the select few you want to help get going, being in on the ground floor of something new is often more than reward enough for whatever you might spend.

So many amazing things, from books to films and art projects to custom merchandise, have gotten their start as crowd funded projects. Never before has the fan had such an active and crucial voice in the creation of entertainment, and services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo feel like just the beginning.

This most recent find was particularly easy as the show’s co-creator, Jeff Saamanen, found me. After exchanging a few emails and looking through the trailer and other videos I was hooked. A huge fan of shows like Archer and Rick and Morty, animation with adult humor is quick to get my attention and Lost Hope definitely has that hook. The little I’ve seen so far strikes at all the same cords: absurd, outlandish, over-the-top and very adult.

Here’s a little about the show from the creators themselves via their Kickstarter page <- click to check them and more out yourself!

“Lost Hope aims to be a comedic sci-fi epic with mature themes and dramatic overtones. Said to be a mash between Star Wars and Archer, Lost Hope’s creators Jeff Saamanen and Natalie Harvey are shooting for the galactic stage in their satire of all things sci-fi.

Lost Hope stars a talented group of voice actors, including Michael Hurst, best known for his role as Iolaus in Hercules and Xena, who also recently directed Ash Vs Evil Dead on Starz. Also involved is Marisha Ray who appears in Critical Role on Geek & Sundry, and Vince Caso who starred as Bladezz in Felicia Day’s series The Guild.”

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So now that you’ve see the trailer, watched the Kickstarter video and checked out their website for even more behind the scenes goodies, throw a little of your money their way. We did! And we can’t wait to see what Jeff and Natalie do with it!

Visit Lost Hope’s Kickstarter page and help keep horny unicorns out of space! 

Then swing by Facebook and tell us about all the other crowd funded projects you think we might like!

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