Xbox One Gets Leaner This Fall and More Powerful in 2017

With E3 right around the corner, gaming news is already spilling out across the internet. One of the biggest – and widely suspected – revelations to flood your feed is information that not only is Microsoft releasing an upgraded Xbox One, they’re releasing two.

More update than upgrade, the first of the pair – speculated to hit this August – is a slimmed down version of the current Xbox One. Much like the 360 Slim, this version is little more than a cosmetic change from the original. Enough units have sold and Microsoft has worked out enough of the bugs to cram the whole thing into a smaller, easier to look at model.

The second and far more polarizing rendition should be due out late 2017. Though its existence hasn’t officially been confirmed, the “Xbox One-Two,” as its been lovingly dubbed, is starting to look like a whole new animal. News about the upgrade seems to have been drawn out by Sony’s – also not a secret – Playstation 4 “Neo.” The PS4 Neo is slated to support the higher resolution 4K format as well as the suite of VR hardware and content Sony has in the works and could hit shelves as early as late this year.

What prompted all these upgrades so soon after the console’s release? Power. From day one the PS4 has been out pacing the Xbox One by about 30% in the processing department. That gap translates to a small but noticeable level of detail on the screen. Embracing the newer UHD format, the PS4 Neo will have more than double the processing ability of its predecessor. So what will the Xbox 1-2 have? If reports are correct it will have triple the original PS4 and 50% more than the Neo. That’s over 4 times faster than the current console!

If the console wars are based purely on teraflops, then Microsoft may be regaining the lead. But there are other heavily speculated changes in the new model. A seamless integration with Windows 10 is high on that list, allowing the software giant to have same day releases for exclusive content across consoles and PC. It would also make side-by-side updates possible, keeping the console’s OS as fresh as your desktop’s.

From what I’ve read, any and all current Xbox One content will transition to the new version with hints that backward compatibility could once again be on the table. How do you feel about this? As a console user it’s frustrating at first blush. But as a former PC gamer, I’m used to hardware upgrades being constant. I’m sure more will leak, but next year’s E3 is where you can expect to get it straight from the horses mouth.

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