Maleficium Dark Art Exhibition – The Sixth Year of Awesome and Creepy Art

Not in the mood for a champaign sipping evening at a downtown gallery, but you’re dying to see some stunning works of art? I know a place.


For the sixth year, artist, instructor, special effects wizard and Face Off Season 4 winner J. Anthony Kosar is hosting a collection featuring some of the worlds most unique art at Maleficium, a dark art exhibition.

Yes, you might see some of these pieces at other showings, but to have a building full of macabre masterpieces is heaven for lovers of the horrific, ghastly and ghoulish. Even if you just love art, the paintings and sculptures displayed are on par with anything considered fine art.

If you need more convincing or don’t live in the Chicago area, click below for a look at some of what’s on display. Or if you’re ready to go but missed the open house, have no fear, you can schedule your own private-ish showing by contacting the studio and setting up a time to stop by. The items will remain on display until Friday, December 16th, which also features a closing reception from 7pm – 10pm. Links to where to go and who to call are below.

For a better look at what’s on display, check out our Facebook Album featuring just some of Maleficium’s amazing works. And for more details on scheduling a viewing, click on over to the Kosart Gallery web page or the Kosart Effects Facebook page.

***  The MALEFICIUM Exhibition runs Nov 19 through Dec 16  ***
Gallery hours (11/20 – 12/15) by Appointment Only.
Please call to schedule an appointment: 630.310.8353

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