Ghosted – ‘Pilot’ Review

Ghosted, Fox’s new series, serves as a comedic love letter to fans of The X-Files, James Bond, Ghostbusters and (insert your favorite buddy-cop show here). So, should you watch it?

The premise: A disgraced professor, played by Adam Scott, and an equally disgraced police detective, that would be Craig Robinson, earn shots at redemption when it turns out their respective skillsets are needed to save the missing operative of a super secret underground agency called the Bureau Underground. Really, that’s what it’s called.

Adam and Craig’s quirky duo are on the hunt for missing Bond-like agent Kurt Checker – played by the always awesome Linc Hand (click here for our interview with Linc) – as they tackle threats of both the supernatural and cosmic variety. Perfect stage for hilarity, right? Yes and no.

First up, let’s set expectations. This is the very first episode of a brand new series where my thoughts and criticisms are based on a paltry twenty-two minutes of actual screen time. That being said, let’s knock out the tech stuff. Almost everything put in front of you regarding camera work, sound and overall set design are solid. It’s the job of everyone behind the camera to make sure you see what you’re supposed to see, hear what you’re supposed to hear and that all of those sights and sounds work given their context, and that job gets done. 

Where things get dicey is in the show’s pacing and editing. The creators are given twenty-two minutes to set the hook and reel you in and this shows in the hectic scene construction and choppy story progression. At times it feels more like you’re leaping through the story instead of being along for the ride. Once introduced to a situation you’re quickly moved through that moment and shoved into the next without ever really getting to digest what’s happening.

While it’s not show-breaking, it prevents the funnier moments from being all they could be as you’re immediately doused with whatever’s next. This makes so much of what happens between the main characters feel like punchlines and not the comedic dialogue Scott and Robinson could deliver. 

Despite some of the progression feeling rushed, Adam Scott and Craig Robinson are instantly lovable and endearing. Immediately after meeting them you want more. More jokes, more exposition, more interactions, just more. Giving strength to their onscreen chemistry is a really really strong supporting cast. Along with Linc Hand, Ally Walker, Adeel Akhtar and Amber Stevens West round out team Underground, who’ll be feeding Adam and Craig their weekly dose of mysterious assignments. Those group interactions are where things slow down a bit, showcasing the brightest aspects of what the show has to offer. 

In Closing:

So, is it funny? Yes. Is it perfect? No. For every great moment there’s one that feels rushed, but what this show has in spades is potential. Nothing is more subjective than humor and though it has it’s issues, the stage has been set for what could be an absolutely hilarious series. The featured pair are instantly likable and are complimented wonderfully by a well-cast team of genre stereotypes. Considering what was a brief introduction, I think the show has an upward trajectory worth investing the time for it to find its equilibrium.

Back to our original question: Should you watch it? Absolutely. If you enjoy the brand of comedy synonymous with the show’s stars you’ll be in for a treat, especially once we’ve seen a bit more. And it’s thirty minutes, Ghosted is totally worth time in your schedule if you’re looking for more funny.

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