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“onFiction” is intended as a hub for all things geek, nerd, techie (and Trekkie), artist, gamer and so on. In order to cover all the bases and to offer a true collection of news, ideas, opinions and art that the people want, then we need the people to give us those ideas and stories.

Located throughout the site you will find sidebars and links to various topics and categories that require your attention. You don’t need to have any experience writing, drawing, painting or taking photos, but we do require you have a strong interest or passion for the topics you’ll contribute to!

Depending on the volume, timeliness and quality of the submissions, we at “onFiction” will choose the most appropriate pieces, edit them for publication – with all due credit to you of course – and post your work proudly. Like most of you we have day-jobs and are starting this as a labor of love – which should explain any type-o’s – so due to us not making money yet, we are not paying for submitted work at this time. But once there is some cash to go around…

We only have a handful of rules here at “onFiction.”

  1. Be thorough. Know what it is you’re trying to say and take the time to know what others are saying too.
  2. Be honest. If it’s an opinion piece you’re working on, how you feel about the material matters.
  3. Be positive. You can talk about what isn’t good or what you don’t like, but convey it objectively while remembering rule #1.
  4. Be professional. You may or may not be a paid journalist. You may or may not be doing this as just a hobby. But we promote those who conduct themselves like journalists, hobby or not. Haters and trolls can stick to the Youtube comments section.

What next?

Now that you’ve decided to be part of a more enlightened world, make sure to give us your full name (to be used in your byline), your preferred email address and the topics/categories you’re interested in submitting to.

We’ll get back to you with the correct department’s email and you’ll be off and running!

Feel free to include links to your other works or other sites you may contribute to.

*All selected and published work is the property of “onFiction” for the purpose of publication and promotion.

**Submitting writers and artists must be a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of submission for publishing consideration. By submitting, you are verifying that you meet all listed criteria.